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A project of Jungkook Asia and Funds for JK as preparation for Jungkook's mixtape and other upcoming projects. Every cent is precious, let us work hand in hand to achieve more records and history for Jungkook!

Jeon Jungkook 전 정국

Born on Sept. 1, 1997, Jungkook (정국) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer and producer. He is the main vocalist, center, lead dancer, visual and maknae of BTS.

The solo songs of the Golden Maknae — ‘Euphoria’, ‘My Time’ and ‘Still With You’ have achieved great success and made records on Billboard and Soundcloud since they were released. His co-composed song “Your Eyes Tell” achieved international recognition by achieving a total of 114 iTunes No. 1. Most recently, one of his collaboration songs, Savage Love BTS Remix, achieved #1 on Hot 100, the second #1 of BTS.

As a preparation for Jungkook's upcoming projects and mixtape, we would like to request donations from you. There will be two (2) kinds of donations, the first one is for JJK1 and the other is for emergency funds to be used for Jungkook's sudden releases such as unit, solo and collaboration songs. Please choose the button below on which will you prefer to donate.

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For emergency funds to be used in Jungkook's sudden release, such as solo, unit and collaboration songs. Please click "PayPal" button below.

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